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Help your Historian

This is a fascinating website that offers both teacher and students scaffolding as they begin to work with authentic documents and complex text required in the Common Core Standards. Designed by teachers, this site beautifully links key documents in American history to relevant lessons and resources. An excellent creation sure to make teaching complex texts a bit easier.

If you prefer to create your on document based lesson plans, the National Archive's digital; vault offers everything you need to get going!

Though Scholastic offers some nice interactive materials in all subject areas, my favorite by far are their Social Studies interactives. These activities are so in depth including vivid pictures videos and real-life accounts and often include lesson plans as well. One of my favorites is The First Thanksgiving

This unique site offers links to online simulations, interactive web sites, virtual museums and lessons for face-to-face simulations. There are some very cool things listed there. Make sure to check it out!