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SHES Staff 2016-2017

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Office Staff

Principal    Ms. Tracie Prevost  Assistant Principal   Ms. Nicole Dorn-Pekins 
Secretary   Ms. Julia Lin-Peczkowski (Ms. P)  Secretary    
Nurse   Ms. Leena Daniel    

Classroom Teachers

Headstart     3rd Grade  
 Ms. Josita Allen (Teacher)      Ms. Donyelle Brooks  
 Ms. Olivia Marshall-Wylie (Aide)           Ms. Jessica Harvey  
Pre-Kindergarten      Ms. Janet Leftwich  
 Ms. Frances Parker (Teacher)      Ms. Jennifer Tamai  
 Ms. Kim Biggs (Aide)                        4th Grade  
Kindergarten      Mr. Christopher Bickhart  Mr. Bickhart's Website
 Ms. Danielle Allen      Ms. Tiffany Cook   
 Ms. Quinne Jackson      Ms. Jennifer Dorris  Ms. Dorris' Website
 Ms. Shawaun Scott-Childs       Ms. Michelle Long   
 Ms. Monica Wright         
1st Grade  1st Grade Website                    5th Grade     
 Ms. Marian Dulovich      Ms. Marie Callahan  
 Ms. Colleen Glasser      Ms. Jennifer Taylor  
 Ms. Samantha Muhl      Ms. Shereada Wright  
 Ms. Melinda Thomas        6th Grade   
2nd Grade      Ms. Kristina McKitrick  Ms. McKitrick's Website 
 Ms. Kaitlyn Custis      Mr. John Sarich  
 Ms. Erika Higgs      Ms. Mary Stokes  
 Ms. Tiffany Lyle          
 Ms. Priscilla Zanghi        


Art  Ms. Teresa Murray
Computer Lab:       
                           -Assistant  Ms. Marilyn Wilder
                         -Paraprofessional  Mr. Michael Lindsay
-Teacher  Ms. Acquinetta Bethune-Turner
-Teacher  Ms. Jessica Fitzgerald
-Teacher  Mr. Donald Lewis 
-Teacher  Ms. Nicole Obregon 
Guidance Counselor  Ms. Renee Cort-Sutton
Media Specialist  Ms. Stephanie Ross
            -Instrumental  Ms. Dickerson
-Vocal  Ms. Denise Brindamour
-Vocal  Mr. John Williams 
Occupational Therapist  Ms. Lourdes Cabrera-Pinder
P.E.  Mr. Jeffery Boteler
P.E.  Ms. Kelcie Marshall
Psychologist  Mr. Matt Lawser
Pupil Personnel Worker  Ms. Donna Mundy
Reading Specialist  Ms. Kim Blouvet
Special Education:  
-Resource  Ms. Lynette Edwards
-Resource   Ms. Faith Johnson 
 -Resource    Ms. Chertina Pegus 
-Resource  Ms. Roslyn Rawles-Stancil
Itinerant Special Education Assist.  Ms. Ebonie Norman
Paraprofessional  Ms. Susan Morin
Paraprofessional  Ms. Susan Reilly
Paraprofessional  Ms. Courtney Stanley
Parent Engagement Assistant  Ms. Jenny Laure
Speech Language Pathologist  
Before/After Care:  
                         -Coordinator  Ms. Lori Armantrout
                         -Assistant  Ms. La'Kesha Ray
-Assistant  Ms. Avia Moore
Building Maintenance:  
              -Building Supervisor  Mr. Jerry Eatmon
                        -Assistant  Mr. Greg Fletcher 
          -Night Supervisor  Mr. Nathaniel Jones
                      -Assistant  Mr. Jeremy Hicks
-Manager  Ms. Christina Stotler
-Assistant  Ms. Shadeen Christian
-Assistant  Ms. Cassandra Jackson
-Assistant  Ms. Irma Jean                     
-Assistant   Ms. Cynthia Powell
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